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Here's another video cut from Penny's recent solo viola da gamba session in our project studio. This one is the opening Adagio from Carl Friedrich Abel's G Major Sonata.
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 Posted: September 11, 2019
Last week Penny brought her gamba into our project studio to record several pieces she'd been working on lately and she played beautifully. Here's one of the cuts, captured on video...
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 Posted: July 3, 2019
Brand new recording! "Without You" is a country ditty written for Penny's 2018 Birthday, added to the Birthday Sessions set.
 Posted: May 17, 2019
Penny will be playing viola da gamba with Madregalia!! and the Pastyme Consort, Saturday June 1st at the Presbyterian Church of Monterey.
 Posted: May 13, 2019
Penny will be playing sax with the Cabrillo College Jazz Ensemble, 7:30pm Saturday, May 18 and clarinet with the Cabrillo Symphonic Winds in celebration of the 100th birthday of the Cement Ship, 3pm Sunday, May 19. Both at the Crocker Theater.
 Posted: May 5, 2019
"We'll Still Have This Love" -- A Little Earth Day Music

Even if there's no good environmental news to celebrate this Earth Day, we can still make a bit of music and have a laugh at our collective selves. Please have a listen to the latest addition to our "Birthday Sessions" set...
 Posted: April 19, 2019
Penny will be playing sax with the Cabrillo College Jazz Ensemble, 7pm Friday, March 15 with guest artists Remy & Pascal LeBoeuf, as well as clarinet with the Cabrillo Symphonic Winds, 7:30pm Wednesday, March 20. Both at the Crocker Theater.
 Posted: March 14, 2019
Brand New: "When We Were Young" is the latest addition to the "Birthday Sessions" set on our Audio page.

Written for Penny's October 2017 birthday. This song comes from that feeling of gratitude when you've come to realize that most of your life is already behind you and that, as a couple, you've somehow managed to stumble your way through it all and end up on relatively solid ground.

So, Slim wrote this for Penny and now she's re-gifted it back in the best way possible, by singing it!
 Posted: March 11, 2019
New tune for the new year, a harmonica instrumental entitled '64' penned on the occasion of Slim's 64th birthday way back in 2018. It's been added to the "Birthday Sessions" set on the audio page of this site. The YouTube version is here.
 Posted: January 1, 2019
It will be "Partita Time" 3pm New Year's Day at the Carl Cherry Center in Carmel Village with Penny playing viola da gamba with The Cherry Trio.
 Posted: November 22, 2018
Coming up: Penny will be playing 2nd alto saxophone with the Cabrillo Jazz Ensemble for their Big Band Jazz Winter Concert at the Crocker Theater on December 8, 7:30pm.
 Posted: October 20, 2018
Hot off the press: Our new CD has just arrived!

Read all about it here and listen to it in its entirety (no charge).
 Posted: May 27, 2016