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Here's a brand new steel guitar instrumental in the Western Swing style: "Slidin' 'Round"
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 Posted: August 3, 2020
Our new CD "The Birthday Sessions" is now available. Listen or download free of charge, or purchase the physical CD directly from us.
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 Posted: April 13, 2020
We've just posted the final video installment from Penny's recent viola da gamba session -- This one's "Loves farewell" by Tobias Hume.
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 Posted: February 7, 2020
A terrific way to enjoy New Year's Day, at the Carl Cherry Center for the Arts in Carmel at 3pm, with the Cherry Center Trio (Penny's on viola da gamba) for their "Minor Swing" program. Get tickets in advance, because this annual event sells out each year.
 Posted: December 21, 2019
Penny will be playing viola da gamba with "Madregalia!! and the Pastyme Consort" in Monterey on January 4th.
 Posted: December 3, 2019
Here's some more viola da gamba music from Penny's recent session -- the Minuet and Final Adagio from Carl Friedrich Abel's G Major Sonata
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 Posted: November 22, 2019
Just posted, a new mix of a harmonica instrumental we published on New Years Day 2019. But looking back, Slim wasn't happy with the mix. This one now passes his muster...
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 Posted: November 18, 2019
Penny will be playing clarinet with the Cabrillo Symphonic Winds for their holiday concert on December 8th.
 Posted: November 11, 2019
Penny plays 2nd Alto with the Cabrillo College Jazz Ensemble on December 6th.
 Posted: November 11, 2019
Hot off the press: Our new CD has just arrived!

Read all about it here and listen to it in its entirety (no charge).
 Posted: May 27, 2016