Photo by Jeffery Luhn

"Love Rises Up"

As far as I know, this is the only surviving video from the 1980s of our duo performing in front of a live audience. The occasion was the 1988 Austin Music Umbrella's Songwriters Competition where Penny was a finalist for her song "Love Rises Up" and voted Best Female Vocalist.

Penny's on fire here, and the crowd loved her performance. She's backed up by yours truly along with an array of synthesizers controlled by a computer live on stage (rather unique for that time period). The 80's were a prolific time for Penny, recording three albums of her original tunes within the decade.

- Slim

And here's the studio version:

From Penny's 1998 album "Organic Software Vol. 3 - Often Running"

Artist:Penny Hanna
Released:January 1, 1988
Written By:Penny Hanna © 1988
John Mills:Tenor Saxophone
Penny Hanna:Vocals, MIDI Sequencing
Slim Heilpern:Guitars, MIDI Sequencing, Audio Engineer
Download Size:5.2
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