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Our latest album:

Slide Man Slim & Penny Hanna - The Birthday Sessions

  •  Ready & Willin' (Our First Night)
  •  Our Ever After
  •  When We Were Young
  •  64
  •  If I Didn't Love You
  •  No Greater Thrill
  •  We'll Still Have This Love
  •  The Photograph
  •  Words Can't Explain
  •  Without You
Every year Slim writes a song or two in celebration of Penny's birthday. Here we present eight of those songs plus a couple of recent instrumentals.

We live in a world full of incredible, wonderful music and as is typical of our projects, this album is stylistically diverse, with musical influences including Brazilian, Country, Swing, Jazz and whatever else we've somehow managed to pick up along the way.

While all of these tunes have been posted here before (as they were recorded), they've now all been tweaked, re-mixed, and mastered for the new CD. The player above contains all of the latest remixed and mastered versions of these tunes for your listening pleasure, free of charge.
“Every song sounds like it was a true moment of inspiration captured beautifully on the first take.”

- PT Gazell (Master of swing on the half-valved diatonic harmonica, Creator of the Gazell Method)

See PT's full review of The Birthday Sessions here.

The Birthday Sessions on Streaming Services

The album is now available on all the major streaming services:

To Download the album:

You can download the entire album (free of charge) at the link below. The download is a 57MB zip file containing all the tunes in MP3 format.

To import into iTunes, decompress (unzip) the file into a new or empty folder (on a Mac, you can do this by simply double-clicking on the zip file in Finder). Then select that folder from iTunes using "Add to Library" from the File menu.

If all goes well, the album will be imported into your iTunes library along with the artist, album, song names, and cover art.

To Order The CD:

For delivery in the USA (only): You can purchase this CD directly from Slim & Penny via PayPal (major credit cards accepted) using the "Buy Now" button below for $10 including shipping.

CDs are shipped via U.S. Postal service, first class mail, usually on the next business day after placing your order.

Birthday Sessions Videos