Photo by Jeffery Luhn

SOLD: Lekholm DM48 For Sale - $600 Including USA Shipping

ATTENTION: This item is no longer for sale, already sold.

This is a Lekholm DM48 "Digital Chromatic Harmonica" purchased new in March of 2020, very lightly used and in perfect condition. I originally bought this specifically for near-silent practice purposes (using headphones to not disturb those around me) but right after I received it, the pandemic hit and the situation I had purchased this for no longer existed.

For those not familiar with this instrument, it is a MIDI controller with no built in synthesizer -- in other words you need to hook it up to a computer, smart phone, tablet, or hardware synthesizer via USB for it to produce sounds. The Lekholm website has lots of information and links to videos showing how this is done:

You can view/download the DM48 manual here

To be clear, this is not the about-to-be released DM48X which has added hardware features such as a ribbon controller, newly designed button, and battery operation for wireless use. The current price for the new DM48X model is posted on the Lekholm website as SEK 8800 for USA customers, which at the time of this writing translates to $972 plus shipping cost from Sweden.

When I purchased this DM48 new, it cost me just under $800 including shipping. I'm selling it now for $600 including USPS priority mail shipping within the USA (additional charge for foreign shipment). Included is the case and USB connector (if you want to use it with a smart phone or tablet, you'll need to have the appropriate USB adapter for your device, which are readily available from Amazon and the like). Payment must be via Paypal, please contact me via email if you're interested:

The DM48 case

Inside the case

View of the top

View of the mouthpiece

View from the bottom

view from the back