Photo by Jeffery Luhn

If I Give You My Heart (1988)

First released in 1988 on Penny's album "Organic Software Vol. 3 - Often Running", now (along with the rest of the album) it's been remastered. There's also this fun video with lyrics.

For those curious about what's going on in this video:

Aside from the vocals, guitar solo, and sax fill, for the 1988 recording session all other sounds were generated by a computer driving various hardware synthesizers and drum boxes using the MIDI protocol. What you see here is drum and piano roll visualizations of the raw MIDI data for each instrument, taken from the MIDI sequencer file used in the original 1988 recording. The video for the guitar solo is a "lip-synced" reenactment of the original solo, playing the actual guitar used in the 1988 recording.

From Penny's 1998 album "Organic Software Vol. 3 - Often Running"

Artist:Penny Hanna
Released:September 1, 1988
Written By:Penny Hanna © 1988
John Mills:Tenor Saxophone
Penny Hanna:Vocals, MIDI Sequencing
Slim Heilpern:Guitars, MIDI Sequencing
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