A get-out-the-vote anthem in the Classic Country style

Artist:Slide Man Slim & Penny Hanna
Released:August 14, 2022
Written By:Slim Heilpern
Penny Hanna:Bass Guitar
Slim Heilpern:Vocal, Guitars, Pedal Steel Guitar, Harmonica, MIDI Programming
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About "Stand Up!"

Stand Up! is our get-out-the-vote anthem for the all-important upcoming mid-term elections done in the Classic Country style.

Among other things, our democracy is at stake in state after state where Republican propagators of the Big Lie that the 2020 election was stolen have been nominated for secretary of state and governor positions. Should they win, these are the very people who's job it would be to certify election results. We will need huge voter turnout in November to defeat these corrupt politicians.

And nothing would make us happier than for musical artists with a bigger following than ours (a very low bar) to perform and/or record this song to help remind people why their vote is so important this November.

So, if you like the tune, please share widely and thanks for listening!


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It's so much hotter than it used to be in summertime
Flood waters fill our streets, 'cause it rains so hard
Out west the fires rage now almost all year 'round
Leaving so much that we love, all burned up and scarred

Stand up for those who live in constant danger
Don't let petty allegations get in your way
Vote blue for the survival of our democratic nation
Don't let greed, fear and hate rule the day

They're going after folks of different colors again
And those who pray or love, in a different way
They're banning books and hiding from our troubling past
Leaving little hope that others, can see a brighter day


The fat cats pour their money into Washington
Keeping worker's wages low, and profits high
Now it's time that we remind them this is our land too
And we don't want politicians, not the ones that they can buy


(c) 2022 Slim Heilpern