Photo by Jeffery Luhn

Harmonica Tracks

Phoning It in

Over the years I've been asked to cut harmonica solos for a wide variety of projects and it's one of the most fun things I get to do.These days, I usually get to "phone in" my part, recording at home in our project studio, taking my time, and cutting the best solo I can. I work with the artist until they're happy with the result, or they pay nothing.
Cutting a harmonica track in the project studio

How It Works

Usually the artist or their audio engineer will provide a reference track or stems when feasible (any standard format is fine) that starts at the top of the tune. Once we've discussed what's needed musically, I'll import the reference track or stems into my DAW project and lay down takes and present the best of them (mixed with the reference track) back to the artist (easily downloaded from a private area on my website). Once the artist is happy with the solo and/or fills, and upon receiving payment, I'll provide a dry (no effects) mono track that the audio engineer can fold back into their original multi-track mix.

Feel free to contact me at for further details, estimate, or consultation.

Alternately, if you prefer, you can book your session via the AirGigs website:


Here are some of the outside projects I've played harmonica on over the years:

  • Dan Del Santo - 1 single and 5 albums (world beat and country)
  • Johnny Fabulous - Songs for the Hopeless Romantic (cocktail jazz)
  • Robert Rich - Medicine Box (ambient)
  • Soundtrack: Joann Sfar Draws From Memory (documentary film by Sam Ball)
  • Bobby Black - Steel Guitar Paradise (Hawaiian)
  • Glenn Letsch and Friends - Funky Business (groovin' Motown covers)